Our God Of Heaven, Lord Of Earth

Written by: Peter Simpson

© 2009 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 6161505

You give us breath and holy birth
For all your ways are full of light
Joy, love and peace, from depth to height
The world the stars, the seven seas
The skies, the moon, the sun, the breeze
Belong to you our Lord and King
Our Risen Savior everything

Glory and honor
Worship and wonder
Praises and splendor
Forever Amen x2

We lift the name of Jesus high
The One on whom we all rely
The Lord of power, God of might
We give you praise, both day and night
Our hearts are glad to hear your voice
We long to worship and rejoice
Proclaiming you Creator King
Our worship, praise and love we bring

Lord of the ages you are here
The One we love and hold so dear
The breath of heaven here on earth
Our God who gave the virgin birth
Exalt the King in majesty
Dominion, power, authority
Redeeming love, humility
Rest on your crown eternally

Peter Simpson

© 2009 Thankyou Music