The Cross Speaks

Written by: Suzanne Hanna

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VEILED IN HUMANNESS, nailed upon a tree
The Son of God bore punishment for me
Forsaken You cried out, the Father turned away
The Son of God bore wrath for me
In the darkness of that awesome day
Jesus blood would make a way

In hopelessness the cross speaks hope
In fear and doubt the cross speaks peace
In place of pain the cross supplies our every need
Instead of death the cross speaks life!

Victor of the grave, disarming death You stand
In radiance You reign, with power in Your hand!
Death where is thy sting, the soul will never die
Eternity is our reward!
In the darkness of these final days
Jesus blood still makes away!

There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ
There is healing in the blood of Jesus Christ
There is freedom in the blood of Jesus Christ!

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