Rejoice With Trembling

Written by: Matt Redman

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Rejoice With Trembling As sung by: Matt Redman

Writers: Matt Redman

Original Key: G

Intro (x2):
Bm7b5   E   Am   D/F#
Verse 1:
Bm7b5      E             Am
We could watch You from afar
      D/F♯       G
And forever be amazed
        A7/C♯        D
At how glorious You are
Bm7b5         E               Am

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And forever be amazed
At how glorious You are
Yet You've drawn us close to You
Where the wonder's greater still
And You overwhelm us God

And we rejoice with trembling in our hearts
Bring You a song of reverence and love
Jesus how good how great You are
And we rejoice with trembling
Before Your throne

Who could fully voice the praise
Of the God of endless days
Tell a fraction of Your worth
For we only sing in part
Of the grace of who You are
Just an echo just a glimpse

Matt Redman

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