All Over the World

Written by: Ken Riley

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To make ready in Your name
To take up the yoke of Jesus
And proclaim the coming day
There's a pouring of Your Spirit
As our old men dream Your dreams
Prophesy through sons and daughters
Come envision us again

You're the Word and the Word is Truth
You're the Promise that was born in You
And a wave of expectation fills my soul

All over the world we're singing
All over the world there's praise
To the King of our salvation
And the Author of our faith
All over the world we're dancing
All over the world there's joy
We've called upon Your name
And we are saved

Can it be this generation
That will hear revival's song
As your Spirit of creation
Comes awakening the lost
Let the four winds blow Your justice
Come and harvest of the earth
Turn our mourning into dancing
As we herald Your return

Ken Riley

Copyright © 1999 Thankyou Music