Written by: Ken Riley

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When I'm lost within the world I've locked away
When the bubble breaks that stems my tide of shame
And when the lights exposed the cracks
Within the pane
You bring me shelter
As I walk along the path that's made of gray
And as I stumble blind leading my own way
Your mercy carves a path to bring me home again in Your shelter

From the storms of my life form the tears
Lord You give me shelter
From this raging inside from myself
Lord, You give me shelter

I know that You were humbled
Locked within a man
And overcome the sinful nature that I have
You understand the tribulations and the trials
Like no other
I'm longing for the faith that took You to the grave
I'm reaching for the power that brought You back again
‘Cos with salvation comes the promise that You made
To be my shelter oh Lord

Ken Riley

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music