From The Rising Of The Sun

Written by: Nathan Fellingham

© 2007 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 5004883

To the place it sets again
All can know that You alone are God
You have shown the sweetest grace
Not forgetting those You've made
Saving all who turn to You in faith

Heaven rain down
Bring salvation to this place

From the ends of the earth
The nations will come
Every knee bowing down
To the Holy One
Creation will give You praise
The Name that's above all names

There's a people You have called
And You're drawing them to come
This Your church is growing day by day
Only one way You have made
It's through Jesus, God the Son
Sent to carry all our sin and shame

Heaven rain down
Shower righteousness and grace

Nathan Fellingham

© 2007 Thankyou Music