This Year

Written by: Michael Sandeman

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This year I've seen the planet shaken,;
A cry comes from the nations
This year seen the darkness raging,
Seen men's hearts quaking with fear
This year

So what is there to stand on
Who can turn this night into day?
What is there to lean on,
Can anybody drive our fears away?

Yes there is one like a Son of Man
Coming with the clouds of Heaven
He sits on the throne as a lamb that was slain
He rules with power and authority

This year I've seen violence deepen,
Seen the victims bleeding
This year innocence was taken,
Children broken and afraid
This year

So what is there to trust in,
Who can turn this winter to spring?
Can anybody save us,
Does anyone deserve to be king?

This year disease and sickness spreading,
Where is the planet heading now?

Mike Sandeman

Copyright © 2007 Thankyou Music

Writers: Michael Sandeman

Themes: Hope