Let voices sing (Great church)

Written by: Claire Hamilton, Cathy Parks, Johnny Parks

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Let voices sing (Great church) As sung by: Johnny Parks

Original Key: D

D    Aadd4    G    Asus4   D    Aadd4    G    Aadd4
Verse 1:
           D         G       D
Let voices sing, let anthems rise,
              Bm         G           D
The church of Christ has transformed lives!
        Dsus4  D        G         D
Through gene - rations, young and old,
                  G     A         D

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LET VOICES SING, let anthems rise,
The church of Christ has transformed lives!
Through generations, young and old,
Have served the King across the globe.
We join with them in this great quest,
We walk with them through every test.
Because His Glory's unsurpassed,
This is a great church that will last!

The ancient hymns declare His name
Our Hallowed King was without blame
The Helpless Babe, the suffering Christ
Who made Himself the highest price
This Cornerstone will never shake
This Spire of Hope will never break
On the Rock, our feet stand fast
This is a great Church that will last!

We walk on hills of power and peace
We stand beside the poor and weak
We'll live by faith and not by sight
Where there's darkness, we'll bring light
God's purpose since the dawn of time
Is Christ revealed to all mankind
Then we'll hear the trumpet blast
This is a great Church that will last!

Stir our hearts, pour your Spirit out again

Johnny Parks, Cathy Parks & Claire Hamilton

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