Blessed are You (Go and shine)

Written by: Mark Tedder

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BLESSED ARE YOU who are poor
Blessed are you who mourn
Blessed are you who are meek
Blessed are those who still seek - righteousness
Blessed are those who are hungry
Blessed are those who are thirsty
Blessed are those full of mercy
Blessed are those who are pure - in heart

You are the salt of the earth
And you are the lights to the world
And you are a city so bright
So go and shine!
You are sons and daughters of God
You'll inherit the earth
You are reflections of Jesus Christ
So go and shine!

Blessed are the persecuted
There's is the kingdom of God
Blessed are the falsely accused
They find strength in the Lord - in the Lord
Blessed are the broken in spirit
You are the pleasure of God
Blessed are the makers of peace
Holiness is your reward - your reward

Bridge (Psalm 121)

Blessed in your coming
Blessed in your going
Blessed when you rise
Blessed when you fall
Blessed in the day
Blessed in the night
Blessed for no reason at all....

Mark Tedder

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Writers: Mark Tedder

Themes: Faith