Nothing Is Impossible

Written by: Al Gordon, Tim Hughes, Hanif Williams

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Nothing Is Impossible As sung by: Al Gordon

Original Key: G

Em         C                 G        D/F♯
Your voice stills the ocean, one word heals the broken 
Em            C              G       D
Your power is uncontainable, Awesome God 
Em            C                 G         D/F♯
Such strength born in weakness, your life lights the darkness 
Em           C               G       D
You died and rose a miracle, Awesome God 
Am    Em    D     Am      Em    D
Jesus we believe, Saviour we believe 

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One word heals the broken
Your power is uncontainable
Awesome God
Such strength born in weakness
Your life lights the darkness
You died and rose a miracle
Awesome God

Jesus we believe
Savior we believe

Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible for You
You're the God of miracles
Risen and invincible
Nothing is impossible for You

You speak mountains tremble
One move kings are humbled
Your plans are undefeatable
Awesome God
We know if God is for us
Who can be against us?
You make us more than conquerors
Awesome God

Al Gordon, Hanif Williams & Tim Hughes

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