Morning Star

Written by: Al Gordon, Tim Hughes

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Morning Star As sung by: Al Gordon

Original Key: A

A   E    F♯m   D
Verse 1: 
A                 Bm
Jesus Christ, you never change 
A/C♯       D
Yesterday, today the same 
A                 Bm
Morning Star, the rising sun 
A/C♯                 D

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Yesterday, today the same
Morning Star, the rising sun
With you the best is yet to come
Christ has died, Christ is risen
Christ will come again

King for evermore
It's You I'm living for, it's You I'm living for
Brightest Morning Star
How beautiful You are, how beautiful You are

Can you hear the future sound
That rises up to shake the ground?
All around the world we sing
The anthem of the coming King
God who was, God who is,
God who is to come

I am yours, Jesus Yours
I am yours, always Yours

Al Gordon & Tim Hughes 

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