Be Still

Written by: Mark Tedder

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Be Still As sung by: Mark Tedder

Writers: Mark Tedder

Original Key: D

    D   A/C♯     G/B      D  A/C♯     G/B
Be still    and know that I  am your God;
    D   A/C♯     G/B     Em  D/F♯    Asus4  A
Be still,     be still.  I   am your God.
     G                Asus4
The nations know Your matchless name,
    D/F♯                  G
The earth resounds with thund'rous praise,

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Be still and know
That I am Your God
Be still, be still
I am Your God

The nations know Your matchless name
The earth resounds with thunderous praise
The rocks and trees declare that You are God
The human race cannot contain
The glory of Your throne of grace
So here we stand still before You God

In awe of You, in awe of You
We bow to You, we bow to You
From age to age Your kingdom knows no end

Mark Tedder

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