I Can't See Myself

Written by: Paul Baker, Tori Sheppard, Tre Sheppard

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I Can't See Myself As sung by: Tre Sheppard / Tori Sheppard

Original Key: E

Verse 1:
E5             B/F♯   E/G♯   B    E5
  You told me,
But I couldn't believe it.
                 B/F♯   E/G♯   B    E5
So You showed me
But I couldn't see it, 'cause
E       B/D♯     C♯m      A
I can't see  myself the way You see me

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But I couldn't believe it
So You showed me
But I couldn't see it

'Cause I can't see myself
The way You see me
And I'm sick of myself
Maybe You could heal me

I'm blinded
And buried beneath it all
I need You
To help me see what You saw

From the whispers and the questions
You love me why?

Tre Sheppard, Tori Sheppard;& Paul Baker

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