Written by: Paul Baker, Steve Evans, Mark Prentice, Jonny Ravn, Tori Sheppard, Tre Sheppard

© 2007 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 5040579

Original Key: D

Verse 1:D             G/B         C  Another round, another day,D                                          G/B              C  You gotta take each moment, 'cause the time just slips away.   D                      G/B    CI breathe and close my eyes;     D                        G/B          CWhen I'm with you, yeah, I'm glad to be alive.Chorus 1&2:

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You gotta take each moment
'Cause the time just slips away
I breathe and close my eyes
When I'm with You I am glad to be alive

I, I know You are on my side
When I'm with You, yeah it makes me;feel alright
It's something I can't hide
Love can save your life

It has occurred to me that I can't always see
Just who I am with all these possibilities
So I just want to be
The one I am when You are here and close to me

I just wanna lay my burdens down
Can You help me lay my burdens down?

You make me feel alright
Love can save your life

Tre Sheppard, Tori Sheppard, Mark Prentice,
Paul Baker, Jonny Ravn & Steve Evans

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© 2007 Thankyou Music