Jesus Jesus

Written by: Robert Critchley, Nick Haigh, Doug Horley, Mark Read

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JESUS, JESUS;when I look at
All the beauty you have made
Praises rise from deep within me
At Your glory here displayed

Jesus, Jesus how I love you
Words alone cannot describe
Beauty way beyond all wonder
Captured here before my eyes

Jesus, Jesus oh my Savior
All creation shouts Your praise
And my soul resounds in worship
Overcome by awesome grace

My soul longs to sing this anthem
Though these words seem frail
Lord I give you all my worship
God of wonder
I give you my praise

In the presence of such beauty
Here where heaven and nature sing
I must join with all You've made and
Tell the glories of my King

Doug Horley, Mark Read, Nick Haigh & Rob Critchley

Copyright © 2007 Thankyou Music

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