Try A Life In Water

Written by: Peter Bignall, Doug Horley, Jonathan Roddick

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You know you really oughta
'Cos life is as cool as can be
Living under the sea
Go way down deeper
Nothing could be sweeter
'Cos life is a peach
Living next to the beach

All day blowing bubbles
And keeping out of troubles
A life full of splashin'
Is always in fashion
Things are just dreamy
If a little weedy
But nothing can beat
Having fins 'stead of feet

This great kaleidoscope of life
Displays our heavenly Fathers might
Dazzling creatures under the sea
Reveal his creativity

Life down here's not carefree
It truly can get ugly
You might just go out on a date
And end up on a plate
It's no good wishin'
People would stop fishin'
Keep off the hook
Live your life by God's book

Some days you might feel crabby
Behave a little badly
Just got your gills in a twist
Been a little shellfish
Don't clam up you be
The first to say you're sorry
Whale or a shrimp
Don't behave like a chimp

You're in the cod squad now
Ev'rybody in the house now throw your fins up
Cod squad now

Say ah, say oh
Ev'rybody in the house now throw your fins up
Ah, say oh
Ev'rybody in the house go crazy!
Ah, say oh
Ev'rybody in the house now throw your fins up
Ev'rybody make some noise

Flip it to the left
Flip it to the right
Wave your tail
Ev'rybody dance now

Doug Horley, Pete Bignall and Jon Roddick 

Copyright © 2007 Thankyou Music