Hot Step

Written by: Doug Horley, Jorge Mhondera, Lindsay West

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HOT STEP, with the rhythm and the bass line thumpin'
And the party in the place get jumpin'
And we keep the speakers pumpin'
Hot step, hot step
Duggie Dug gonna get my praise on
Move into the beat get my shake on
Going down, give up, get your skates on
Hot step hot step

Bounce, yeah! - the place is bumpin'
Bounce, yeah! - the bass is thumpin'
Bounce, yeah! - your praise is cronkin'
Bounce come on praise come on!

Holy one I so love You
King of Kings and Lord of all
I lift my worship to You
Jesus, Savior

Kids what you wanna do, it's in front of you
LZ, Duggie Dug and we're comin' through
Ain't keepin' down low with our stage show
Keep it real, keep it Christ with the true flow
Like the guys from High School musical
Dance, sing and then turn up the decibel
So walk high, stand tall, with a bounce in your step
Give your life to Christ
Eternal life you get

Praise is powerful, praise is powerful
All this praise is so amazing
Things are changing as we raise Him
Power flows from heaven as we lift Him high

Doug Horley, Lindz West & George Mhondera

Copyright © 2007 Thankyou Music/Junglekat Entertainment

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