Fruitful Vineyard

Written by: Godfrey Birtill

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All their dreams are counterfeit.
All their news sensationalized.
All that gibberish is just lies.

But I will sing of a fruitful vineyard.
I will sing of the one True Vine.
Flourishing throughout the whole earth.
Turning darkness into light.
I will sing of a fruitful vineyard
Where the leaves will never fail,
Where I can drink from the source of the river
Where I can dance in the sweet, sweet rain.

There is a place, near to You,
There is a place, called beautiful.
There is a place, where we can stand
And see Your glory, Your glory come down.

Let the rain come down, that activating rain,
That causes us to change
From glory to glory.
Let the rain pour out!...That activating rain
To cause the land to change
From glory to glory, to glory, to glory, to glory.

Godfrey Birtill

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