What Wonder Of Grace

Written by: Stuart Townend

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What Wonder Of Grace As sung by: Stuart Townend

Writers: Stuart Townend

Original Key: D

Verse 1:
D                   A/C♯
   What wonder of grace is this,
     Bm7       Em7        A7sus4
What story of passion divine,
D                       A/C♯   F♯m7
   Where judgement and mercy kiss,
      Bm7         E/G♯       A7sus4  A7 D/F♯ 
Where power and love are entwined?
G                           D/F♯
   No tongue can speak this glory,

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What story of passion divine
Where judgmentand mercy kiss
Where power and love are entwined
No tongue can speak this glory
No words express the joy You bring
As I enter the courts of the King

My desire (my desire) is to come to this place
My desire (my desire) is to look on Your face
Perfect in beauty in truth and love
Your glory shines over all the earth
The King who lavishes grace on us is here

Your will is my daily bread
Enough for my plenty and need
I'll live by the words You've said
And follow wherever You lead
And though my flesh may fail me
You prove Your grace in all I do
Lord my heart is devoted to You

Stuart Townend

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