Heart Of A Lover

Written by: Stuart Townend

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GOD OF HEAVEN, with the heart of a lover;
Conquering King, with compassion in His voice.
Sovereign Lord, with the care of a mother;
To You we bring our lives, knowing You will take us in.

Jesus Christ, You're the Alpha and Omega:
King of kings, who laid aside His crown.
Man of woes, but a Friend to the friendless:
To You we bring our fears, knowing You will set us free.

So let's be pure and holy, set apart for Jesus;
A covenant people, who reflect the heart of God.
With outstretched hands of mercy to the broken-hearted,
A covenant people who reveal the love of God.

Stuart Townend

Copyright © 1992 Thankyou Music

Writers: Stuart Townend

Themes: Kingship

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