True Praises

Written by: Mark Beswick, Howard Francis, Clive McKinley

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True Praises As sung by: Mark Beswick

Original Key: D

  D              D/F♯
I offer up to You 
F♯/A♯     F♯           Bm7
Praises from my heart,
      G                  D/F♯
That they may be in truth 
    Em                 A7sus4  A7
The perfect sacrifice.
   Em7             A/C♯
To show my gratitude 
    F♯/A♯      F♯         Bm7

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Praises from my heart
That they may be in truth
The perfect sacrifice
To show my gratitude
For all the things You do

I just want to give true praises
From my heart
Lord I give to You true praises
From my heart

Mark Beswick, Howard Francis & Clive Mckinley

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© 1998 Thankyou Music