Praise Awaits

Written by: Donna Akodu, Noel Robinson

© 2006 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 4846877

Praise Awaits As sung by: Noel Robinson / Donna Akodu

Original Key: D

Em7        Gmaj7       A    Bm
  Praise awaits for Thee in Zion, 
Em7       Bm           A
  Praise awaits for Thee.
Em7        Gmaj7       A          Bm
  With our hearts we welcome Your presence,  
Em7                Gmaj7            Asus4   A
With our mouths confess You are Lord. 
  Enter through the gates 

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PRAISE AWAITS for Thee in Zion
Praise awaits for Thee
With our hearts we welcome Your presence
With our months confess You are Lord (Repeat)

Enter through the gates
To the courts of praise
With a joyful sound
For the time has come
Praise must be sung
Praise awaits for Thee

Rain down Rain Down
Praise awaits for Thee

Noel Robinson & Donna Akodu

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© 2006 Thankyou Music