Make Me Okay

Written by: Tori Sheppard, Tre Sheppard

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WHEN I'M WITH YOU, I can't pretend
If this is the valley, then where is the end?
Is there still a chance, that I have a prayer?
Something inside me knows You're there

What will You do, what will You say?
How will you make me okay?
I just don't don't know, I cannot see
Help me trust in Your great love for me

If You're at my door and You hold the key
Please put back together these pieces of me
For I am so blind, but I want to see
My faith is so tired, but I want to believe

Tre & Tori Sheppard

Copyright © 2004 Thankyou Music

Writers: Tori Sheppard, Tre Sheppard

Themes: Hope