You're the one

Written by: Andy Smith

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You're the one, the Holy King
Trust in You for everything
Boast in You 'cause You're all I need
And I believe we're gonna see
The goodness of the Lord

You call us now to higher things
To live a life of love for You
Unity is what we need
So let the church arise and see
The glory of the Lord

'Cause I want to belong
To a generation that is strong
Laying hold of Your kingdom
We prophesy to the breath
Let the army arise

So we will fight and we will run
Headlong into the battle 'til it's won
Your name's renown is what we raise
Jesus, come and take your place

Your promises are gonna be
'Cause idle words you do not speak
Streams of life flow unrestrained
You're gonna move like we've never seen
The lost will be redeemed

Andy Smith

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