How Long

Written by: Al Gordon

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How Long As sung by: Al Gordon

Writers: Al Gordon

Original Key: B

V1:  How long 'till we gaze upon your face,     
     F♯                   B  
     Gaze upon your face, gaze upon your face? 
                                       F♯             B 
     Jesus we will gaze upon your face in the morning light 
         G♯m            B            
V2:  How long 'till you wipe these tears away,     
     F♯                     B              
     Wipe these tears away, wipe these tears away? 

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HOW LONG 'til we gaze upon Your face
Gaze upon Your face, gaze upon Your face?
Jesus we will gaze upon Your face
In the morning light

How long 'til You wipe these tears away
Wipe these tears away, wipe these tears away?
Jesus You will wipe these tears away
When the morning comes

Yes, I know You will come
Yes, I know You've already won
Yes, I know my Redeemer lives
My Redeemer lives

How long 'til there's justice on the earth
Justice on the earth, Justice on the earth?
Jesus there'll be justice on the earth
When You come again

Come, Lord Jesus!
We are desperate for You here!
Come, Lord Jesus!
All creation calling out!

How long 'til we hear the victory roar
Hear the victory roar, hear the victory roar?
Jesus we will hear the victory roar
When this race is run

Al Gordon

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