What Sacred Fountain

Written by: Ian Hannah, David Hyde, Joseph Irons

© 2003 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 4109851

WHAT SACRED FOUNTAIN freely springs up
From the throne of God.
And all new covenant blessing brings?
It's Jesus' precious blood.

What a mighty sum paid all my debt?
When I a bankrupt stood.
And has my life in credit set?
It's Jesus' precious blood.

O precious blood, it covers me,
It takes away the stain of sin.
Such power there is contained within
Jesus' precious blood.

What stream is that, which sweeps away
My sin just like a flood,
So not a hint of it can stay,
It's Jesus' precious blood.

What voice is that which speaks for me;;
In heaven's high court for good.
And justifies and sets me free,
It's Jesus' precious blood. (Chorus)

What theme my soul shall best employ
Your song before Your God,
And make all heaven ring for joy,
It's Jesus' precious blood.

Music: Ian Hannah
Words: Joseph Irons (1785-1852) Adpt. by David Hyde

© 2003 Thankyou Music