Our God Is Great

Written by: Dave Bilbrough

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Our God Is Great As sung by: Dave Bilbrough

Writers: Dave Bilbrough

Original Key: E

Our God is great.
Our God is great.
Our God is great.
B              E
    Our God is great.  [Repeat]
Verse 1:
E                        B           E

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OUR GOD IS GREAT (Repeat x 4)

He gave us the wind,
The sun and the snow,
The sand on the sea shore,
The flowers that grow.
Morning and evening,
Winter and spring;
Come join all creation and sing.

The gifts that He brings
Are new every day,
From glorious sunset
To soft falling rain.
The mist on the hills,
The light and the shade;
Come join all creation in praise.

For music and dancing,
The sounds that we hear;
For colors and words,
The life that we share, we say:

Dave Bilbrough

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