You Are Near

Written by: Andy Bromley

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You Are Near As sung by: Andy Bromley

Writers: Andy Bromley

Original Key: G

        G                     D/G
You are near, behind and before.
You laid Your hand upon me 
           G                 D
Too wonderful to know.
        G                      D/G
You are near, always by my side.
             C                            G      D
Unfailing love surrounds me, I trust in You alone.

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Behind and before
You laid Your hand upon me
Too wonderful to know
You are near
Always by my side
Unfailing love surrounds me
I trust in You alone
Where can I go from You?
If I go to the heights You are there
Lie down in the depths You are there
You're everywhere

You are near
Even though I cannot see You
Sometimes I cannot feel You
Still I know you promise You are near
Even through the deepest valley
Sometimes the night surrounds me
Even there Your hand will guide me
Even there Your hand will hold me
Even there Your light will shine on me

There's nowhere you can go where He won't be
There's nothing you can do that He wont see
There's nothing you can say that He won't here
there's nowhere you can hide where He won't find
Your deepest thoughts, your deepest needs
He knows them all, He sees all things
And still He loves and still He holds and still He gives

Andy Bromley

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