Beyond these present sufferings (Beautiful in my sight)

Written by: Nick Herbert, John Peters

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Beyond these present sufferings (Beautiful in my sight) As sung by: Nick Herbert

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
Am                                F
  Beyond these present sufferings 
Future glory waits.
Keep my heart remembering 
In each desert place, 

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Future glory waits
Keep my heart remembering
In each desert place

That You rejoice from heights above
You quiet my soul with Your great love; 
To hear the sound of Your delight
You're singing over me

Such a healing harmony
Tune my heart to hear
Your unbroken melody
The truth that You are near

That You rejoice.....

Beautiful in my sight
You're beautiful in my sight
I am Yours and You are mine (x2)

This is the song of songs;
To which each heart is drawn
You're singing over me

Nick Herbert & John Peters


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