You'll Be There

Written by: Leah Broomfield, Becky Frith

© 2005 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 4768395

You'll Be There As sung by: Becky Frith / Leah Broomfield

Original Key: E

E       F♯m/E    B/E    E
Every good and perfect gift
A                   E    B/E
Comes from Your hand.
E          F♯m/E      B/E   E
Countless mercies I've received
A               E    B/E
Undeserved by me.
Every new day,

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Comes from Your hand.
Countless mercies I've received
Undeserved by me.
Every new day the story unfolds
Of Your grace in my life.
Each day the same
You never change
And forever You'll reign.

You lift me up
When all my strength has gone.
you come in power,
And all who lift their eyes to You
Will see your face.
You lift me up,
You shine Your light on me
When I'm diskouraged.
Whatever comes my way,
I know You'll be there.


Ancient of Days,
You will be there,
Faithful and true,
You will be there,
Merciful and just,
You will be there,
Beginning and End.
You'll be ......

Becky Frith & Leah Broomfield

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