You are more (More)

Written by: Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes

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You are more (More) As sung by: Nick Herbert

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
You are more 
     F                   C
Than hearts could ever imagine, 
     G                          Am
Than minds could ever conceive;
        F                  C         G
There's always more to discover of You.
Verse 2:

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YOU ARE MORE than hearts could ever imagine
Than minds could ever conceive
There's always more to diskover of you

You reveal yourself to those who are searching
To those who sit at your feet
Jesus, you'll find us waiting on our knees

You're glorious, so glorious
King of love, let your light shine brightly
You're everything we're hoping for
Our one desire is to see Your glory

Gracious One, lead us into Your presence
As we lift up your name
Jesus, come down and touch the earth again

Could we see your glory
Could we see your glory
Could we see your glory here on earth O Lord?

Could we taste your glory...

Nick Herbert & Tim Hughes

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