Tribes Praising (Crown Him)

Written by: Nick Herbert, Matt Redman

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Tribes Praising (Crown Him) As sung by: Nick Herbert

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
  Tribes praising, tongues singing 
Now before Your throne.
  Your anthem will drown all 
Music but its own.
Verse 2:

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TRIBES PRAISING, tongues singing
Now before Your throne
Your anthem will drown
All music but its own

Hosts on high, glorify
Your most Holy name
With elders and creatures
Gathered to proclaim

Crown Him with many crowns
Crown Him with many crowns
Crown Him with many crowns
The Lamb upon the throne

Eyes gazing, hearts waiting
As our King draws near
Souls stirring, as You reveal
Your presence here

Lift up your hearts (We lift them to the lord)
Lift up your lives (We lift them to the Lord)
It's right to give Him thanks and praises

Nick Herbert & Matt Redman

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