Coming Home

Written by: Mike Busbee, Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham

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You didn't seem quick enough
Didn't think you were listening
You know it hurt too much, but now I've come to realize
That you diskipline the ones you love
And you're making me into the person you designed me to be
You were patient and you wooed me and you called me to You

I'm coming back
I'm running to you
Turning from where I have been
I'm coming now
Back on your path once again
I'm coming home

I've tried everything
Thought I could do it my own way
Took my life in my hands, but now I've come to realize
My hands aren't big enough
To carry this journey, to the end,
And I'm lost without You

You were patient and you wooed me and you called me to You
You were faithful, in your mercy, I know we'll see it through

Incredible your love
Amazing your grace
Astounding you are

Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham & busbee 

Copyright © 2005 Thankyou Music & The Livingstone Collective

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