So Alive

Written by: Brenton Brown

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So Alive As sung by: Brenton Brown

Writers: Brenton Brown

Original Key: A

Verse 1:
         A/C♯             D
So much love, so much light, 
      A         E
I'm alive again.
           A/C♯         D        E
My first breath gazing in  to You.
       A/C♯         D
Open eyes I can see 
              A       E
You've been calling me;

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SO MUCH LOVE, so much light I'm alive again;
My first breath gazing into You
Open eyes I can see you've been calling me;
This is who I was meant to be

So alive, so alive living in this love divine;
So amazed, so amazed at You
Moved from dark to blazing light,;
Your love took me by surprise
Now I never want to live away from You
I don't ever want to live away from You

Breathing out, breathing in;
I'm revived in Your love
So content so dependent on you
Just a child but I'm Yours,
What a mystery that You, the God of all
Would make me Your own

You changed my life, You saved my life
You put Your love so deep inside
You turned things round, You set things right
I'm dancing in this love I've found

Brenton Brown

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