Redeemed From The Empty Way Of Life

Written by: Godfrey Birtill

© 2009 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 5667275

Redeemed, by the precious blood of Christ
O how I love the sound of this good news
O Jesus I love you
Redeemed, from the curse of sin and death
Redeemed, with chance start again
O how I love the Word that breaks us free
O Jesus You I need

I need You more and more
I'm coming through the open door
I've got to get to you
Revive, restore, renew me
Don't wanna get my faith ship wrecked
Without you I'm a mess
Jesus....I'm crazy for you
Jesus....I'm desperate for you
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Come and get me

Redeemed, from the pit of messy clay
Redeemed, by the power of God's grace
O how I love to hear my Saviors Name
O Jesus speak again

Don't pass me by O Lord
Don't leave me behind O Lord, O Lord

Godfrey Birtill

© 2009 Thankyou Music