Have You Got An Appetite

Written by: Mick Gisbey

© 1985 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 648289

Do you eat what is right?
Are you feeding on the word of God?
Are you fat or are you thin?
Are you really full within?
Do you find your strength in Him or are you starving?

You and me all should be
Exercising regularly,
Standing strong all day long,
Giving God the glory.
Feeding on the living Bread,
Not eating crumbs but loaves instead;
Standing stronger, living longer,
Giving God the glory.

If it's milk or meat you need,
Why not have a slap-up feed,
And stop looking like a weed and start to grow?
Take the full of fitness food,
Taste and see that God is good,
Come on, feed on what you should and be healthy.

Mick Gisbey

© 1985 Thankyou Music