Needing You

Written by: Vicky Beeching

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Needing You As sung by: Vicky Beeching

Writers: Vicky Beeching

Original Key: D

Bm7   A   G      Bm7   A   G
D2             Asus4/C♯
Father You are my shelter
           D/F♯     G        Asus4
You are my place to rest and hide
D2               Asus4/C♯
Father You're my creator
            D/F♯     G       Asus4

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You are my place to rest and hide
Father, You're my Creator
You are the One who gives me life
I can't live without You, even for a day
Laying down my pride I simply say

I am needing You
And I'll be needing You a lifetime long
I am needing You
And as I offer up this fragile song
In my weakness You are strong

Vicky Beeching

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© 2002 Thankyou Music