Forever More

Written by: Dave Bilbrough

© 1989 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 528158

Forever More As sung by: Dave Bilbrough

Writers: Dave Bilbrough

Original Key: D

Verse 1:
Asus4  A   D   Em7           A
Who   can ever say they understand 
Bm7    A/C♯   D       Em7           A
All    the    wonders of His master plan?
Bm7    A/C♯ D
Christ came down 
    F♯m/C♯          Bm     A    G/A    D   Em7   G  Asus4  A
And gave Himself to man forever more.
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All the wonders of His master plan?
Christ came down and gave Himself to man
Forever more.

He was Lord before all time began,
Yet made Himself the sacrificial lamb,
Perfect love now reconciled to man
Forever more.

Forever more we'll sing the story
Of love come down.
Forever more the King of glory
We will crown.

He is coming back to earth again,
Every knee shall bow before His name,
'Christ is Lord', let thankful hearts proclaim
Forever more.

Dave Bilbrough

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© 1989 Thankyou Music