Have mercy on me

Written by: Nick J Drake

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Have mercy on me As sung by: Nick J. Drake

Writers: Nick J Drake

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
Em       D/F♯     G          Cmaj7
  Have mercy on me,   O my Lord,
              Dsus4       D
Mercy on this broken heart;
Em      D/F♯        G          Am
  Saviour, wash away  all my sin,
                Dsus4       D
Take away these dirty clothes.

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Mercy on this broken heart
Savior, wash away all my sin
Take away these dirty clothes

Pick me up
Turn me around
I come to You now

Jesus, You live in me
I'm walking in my Savior's company
Like gold in a jar of clay
That's Your life in me

Have mercy on me, Oh my Lord
Look upon this penitent heart
Restore me again in Your love
Clothe me with Your righteousness

This mystery, how can it be
Your majesty is found in me
And from glory to glory
You will complete Your work in me, Jesus

Nick J Drake

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