Angels Bow

Written by: Keith Getty

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Angels Bow As sung by: Keith Getty

Writers: Keith Getty

Original Key: D

D    G    Bm    G
D             G2
Angels bow  before You, 
      Em7                A
Kings fall at Your  command.
    Bm                   F♯m              Em       A
And yet, Your love comes down to earth to fallen man.
    Bm                  G
How can I know Your workings, 

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Kings fall at Your command
And yet Your love comes down to earth
To fallen man
How can I know Your workings
Eternal mystery
I must bow down and give my life
Must follow You

And I love You, Lord
Everything belongs to You
Is known by You
And made for Your eternal glory
You, my Lord, receive the praise
Of my thankful heart

Keith Getty 

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© 2002 Thankyou Music