My God Cares

Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Gary Sadler

© 2009 Thankyou Music & Paintbrush Music | CCLI: 5866966

My God Cares As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
           Am               Cmaj7
Life's not always as it seems,
A different route from A to B,
           Am                     Cmaj7    Fmaj7
And the plans you've made come tumbling down.
            Am               Cmaj7
When you're questioning the why,
And it's hard to see the light,

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A different route from A to B
And the plans you’ve made come tumbling down
When you’re questioning the why
And it’s hard to see the light
And you’re praying for the wind to change

And though the pain is strong
And it’s hard to carry on
I know that this is true
My God cares for you
All hope has disappeared
And you’re running out of tears
I can tell you He is near
For my God cares for you
Yes He cares for you

When no answers can be found
As the waves come crashing round
And you find you’re driven to your knees
When you’re overwhelmed with fear
And it feels like it’s been years
You’ve been asking God please rescue me

Don’t you know that His arms are strong enough to carry you
Lift you up, in the safety of His love
Just hold on, He will come, The Lord our God will comfort you
Give you strength enough to see you through the storm

Lou & Nathan Fellingham and Gary Sadler

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© 2009 Thankyou Music & Paintbrush Music