Into The Darkness Of This World

Written by: Maggi Dawn

© 1993 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 1044277

Into The Darkness Of This World As sung by: Maggi Dawn

Writers: Maggi Dawn

Original Key: A

Verse 1:
A         D       E         A
Into the darkness of this world,
          D      A/E    E
into the shadows of the night;
F♯m        F♯m/E     B/D♯     E  E/D
into this loveless place You came,
A/C♯           D       E          F♯m
lightened our burdens, eased our pain,
     B7sus4    B7          Esus4   E
and made these hearts Your home.

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Into the shadows of the night
Into this loveless place You came
Lightened our burdens, eased our pain
And made these hearts Your home
Into the darkness once again
Oh come, Lord Jesus, come

Come with Your love
To make us whole
Come with Your light
To lead us on
Driving the darkness
Far from our souls
O come, Lord Jesus, come

Into the longing of our souls
Into these heavy hearts of stone
Shine on us now Your piercing light
Order our lives and souls aright
By grace and love unknown
Until in You our hearts unite
Oh come, Lord Jesus, come

O Holy Child, Emmanuel
Hope of the ages, God with us
Visit again this broken place
Till all the earth declares Your praise
And Your great mercies own
Now let Your love be born in us
O come, Lord Jesus, come

(Last Chorus)
Come in Your glory
Take Your place
Jesus, the Name above all names
We long to see You face to face
O come, Lord Jesus, come

Maggi Dawn

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© 1993 Thankyou Music