Good News

Written by: Brenton Brown

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Good News As sung by: Brenton Brown

Writers: Brenton Brown

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
C                            B♭
  For God loved the world so much that He
              F                        Csus4   C     Csus4  B♭ F
Gave His only Son that whoever would believe   in Him
C                         B♭
  Would not perish but be saved, oh, how
                  F                            Csus4   C     Csus4   C
Surprising is His grace; the invitation is for ev - - 'ryone.
    G             Dm7       F
For everyone, for everyone,   yeah.

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that He gave His only Son
That whoever would believe in Him
Would not perish but be saved
oh how surprising is His grace
The invitation is for everyone

For everyone, for everyone

This is the good news, it's a hope that is true
We sing 'cause we've found peace on earth
And death cannot shake us, our sins have been taken
Alive, we're alive and we'll sing Your worth

Jesus did not come to condemn but that we might live again
His Holy mission was to rescue us
For long before we cried for help He took our sins upon Himself
He took our shame and gave us righteousness

His righteousness, his righteousness
Take these words and make them louder

Brenton Brown 

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