His Name Is Wonderful

Written by: Brenton Brown

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His Name Is Wonderful As sung by: Brenton Brown

Writers: Brenton Brown

Original Key: A

Tempo: 128.00

Verse 1:
    Who is this King of glory,
D2           A
    Maker of all the heavens,
    Author of all creation,
D2          A
    What is His name?
    Who is the One who formed us,

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Maker of all the heavens
Author of all creation, what is His name?
Who is the One who formed us, made us into His image?
At who's voice will all of heaven one day bow in praise?
His name is wonderful, his name is counselor
His name is Prince of peace, the living word
His name is mighty God, eternal Father
His name is Jesus, His name is LORD

Who is this King of Glory, born to the virgin Mary
Who's simple words could raise the dead and heal the lame?
He gave His life for many, was crucified and buried
But on the third day He rose up from the grave

Ransomed for my release, He died to set me free
Oh how amazing is my Savior's love for me

Brenton Brown 

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