God Is Here God Is Here (Almighty God Is Here)

Written by: Ian Smale

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Almighty God is here
Bow down before Him in reverence and fear
God is here, God is here
Almighty God is here
Almighty God is here

It's hard to imagine how it could ever be
That the maker of the universe is now here with me
I'll no longer live in loneliness nor fear the enemy
Almighty God is here.

As I see this generation in sadness and in pain
I hear the lost say there's no God, time and time again
But nobody can change the fact our king is here to reign
Almighty God is here.

So let's call together all the saints, their voices to proclaim
That the Father Son and Spirit will forever be the same
And the day will come when every knee will bow at Jesus name
Almighty God is here

Ian Smale

Copyright © 1988 Thankyou Music

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