River Of Peace

Written by: Mark Niedzwiedz

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River Of Peace As sung by: Mark Niedzwiedz

Writers: Mark Niedzwiedz

Original Key: A

A         Asus4add2  F♯m/A     Bm/A
    When afraid,       when in doubt,
D2/A        A               D2/A         A
    With no straight path,       hope in my heart.
Who will lead me home
When I walk alone?

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When in doubt
With no straight path
Hope in my heart

Who will lead me home
When I walk alone
The darkness shine through
Lord if not You

This is my prayer
God be there
When in valleys low
Your servant show
A river of peace
That's quiet and deep
This is my prayer

When in valleys low
Lord raise me to where sweet waters flow

Mark Niedzwiedz
Copyright © 2010 Thankyou Music

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© 2010 Thankyou Music.