Salmo 117 (Psalm 117)

Written by: Mark Niedzwiedz

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Salmo 117 (Psalm 117) As sung by: Mark Niedzwiedz

Writers: Mark Niedzwiedz

Original Key: Ab

A♭          A♭sus4 A♭
Porque ha engrandecido
  A♭sus4  A♭              A♭sus4     A♭
Sobre   nosotros su misericor - di - a,
         A♭sus4   B♭m    Fm7    B♭m7
Y la verdad de Jehova
            Ebsus4      Eb/ Fm7 Eb/G
Es para siempre.   [1.]
                   [2.]     [to Chorus]

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Ha engrandecido
Sobre nosotros
Su misericordia
Y la verdad de Jehová
Es para siempre

ALABAD á Jehová
Naciones todas, alabadle

For great is his mercy to us
And his faith is unchanging forever
Praise be to the Lord
Let all the nations give praise to the Lord
Give him praise.

Mark Niedzwiedz
Copyright © 2010 Thankyou Music

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