Sing Alleluia

Written by: Al Gordon, Luke Hellebronth, Tom Smith

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Sing Alleluia As sung by: Al Gordon

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
C                 F/C
Heaven sings Your symphony.
C             F/C
We respond in harmony.
Am         F
All around praise resounds:
    C        F/C
Alleluia.  [to Verse 2]
Verse 2:

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We respond in harmony
All around praise resounds

Come, you stars, you blazing lights
Lift your voice, burn the night
Mountains bow, oceans roar

Alleluia, alleluia, we will sing
Alleluia, we give glory to the King

Every heart, everyone
Lift your hands, join the song
All adore Christ the Lord

One day You will come again
Every eye will see the King
We will join the great 'Alleluia!'
No more death and no more pain
You will wipe the tears away
We will join the great 'Alleluia!' Oh

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