Jesus Is King

Written by: Wendy Churchill

© 1982 Authentic Publishing. | CCLI: 56558

Jesus Is King As sung by: Various

Writers: Wendy Churchill

Original Key: F

Verse 1:
C        Em    Am    F   G         C
Jesus is King  and   I   will extol  Him,
F    G           C    Am     D          G
Give Him the glo -  ry and   honour His name.
C            Em    Am    F       G          C
He reigns on high,  en – throned in the heav – ens,
Dm   G      E    Am         Dm    G7      C
Word of the Fa – ther, ex – al  – ted for us.
Verse 2:

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Give Him the glory, and honor His name
He reigns on high, enthroned in theheavens
Word of the Father, exalted for us

We have a hope that is steadfast and certain
Gone through the curtain and touching the throne
We have a Priest who is there interceding
Pouring His grace on our lives day by day

We come to Him, our Priest and Apostle
Clothed in His glory and bearing His name
Laying our lives with gladness before Him
Filled with His Spirit we worship the King

O Holy One, our hearts do adore You
Thrilled with Your goodness we give You our praise
Angels in light with worship surround Him
Jesus, our Savior, forever the same

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© 1982 Authentic Publishing.