Pushing On

Written by: Gregory Jong

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Pushing On As sung by: Greg Jong

Writers: Gregory Jong

Original Key: D

Intro (x2):
D   G/D   Gm/D   D
Verse 1:
D           G/D        Gm/D   D
Pushing on, on toward Your goal
D     G/D     Gm/D   D
Your goal for me
D             G/D          Gm/D   D
Christ Ahead, Spirit lead, I'm close
D    G/D     Gm/D  D

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Pushing on, on toward Your goal
Your goal for me
Christ ahead, Spirit lead, I'm close
I'm close to You

And Your love will shine on through
The day, the night, in spite of all I do
And my hope, my strength, my shield
Is found in You
You've brought me into Your heart

Born again, Jesus' friend
I know, I know You're here
Life to come with the One I love
I love You Lord

Greg Jong

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